Ichiro KOBAYASHI (Dr. Eng.)

Ichiro Kobayashi is a professor of Information Sciences of Advanced Sciences, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences at Ochanomizu University. Ichiro worked on his Ph.D dissertation at Tokyo Institute of Techonology. While studying at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he was also studying at Dept. of Linguistics of the University of Sydney, Australia from Sep. 1994 till Aug. 1995. He worked on systemic functional linguistics based language processing with Dr. Chiristian Matthiessen who is currently a professor and the head of department of English at Hong Kong polytechnic university. We established Systemic Meaning Modelling Group (SMMG), an international group for studying systemic functional linguistics and its application, in 1995. From Oct. 1995 till Apr. 1996, Ichiro was a research associate of Faculty of Economics at Hosei university, and from Apr. 1996 till Mar. 2003, he was an associate professor at the same affiliation. From Apr. 2000 till Mar. 2005, Ichiro was a visiting scholor of laboratory for Language-Based Intelligence at Brain Science Institute of RIKEN, Japan. From Apr. 2003, he started working as an associate professor of Dept. of Information science of Ochanomizu university. From May 2007 till Sep. 2007, Ichiro was a visiting scholar at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and from Sep. 2007 till Mar.  2008, he was a visiting scholar of the Computational Semantics Laboratory at the Stanford University CSLI (Center of Studies for Language and Information). Since January 2011, he is a professor at Ochanomizu university.