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About Us

The Kobayashi Laboratory at Ochanomizu University researches a broad range of topics, including natural language processing and artificial intelligence. We enjoy our research activities with our students, aiming at the computational realization of “linguistic intelligence”, in which humans think and perform intellectual activities using natural language.


Fourteen students gave presentations at The 29th Annual Meeting of the Association for Natural Language Processing held at the Okinawa Convention Center in Okinawa, Japan. (Mar 13-17, 2023).
Six students gave presentations at The 85th National Convention of IPSJ held at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan. (Mar 2-4, 2023).
Our research was picked up by Nikkei Business Daily. Innovation page (Feb 3, 2012) and electronic version. Please take a look.
Chihiro Maru received the Best Paper Award at SCIS&ISIS2022 held on November 29 – December 2, 2022. News (Dec 3rd, 2022).
One paper was accepted to IEEE BigData2022. (Nov 6th, 2022)
Six papers were accepted to SCIS&ISIS2022. (Oct 15th, 2022)
One paper was accepted to AACL-IJCNLP2022 as short (Findings) and two papers were accepted to AACL-IJCNLP2022 SRW. (Oct 15th, 2022)
Haruka Taguchi received the Fuzzy Special Session Presentation Award at The 38th Fuzzy System Symposium held on September 14-16, 2022. News (Oct 11th, 2022).
Sayako Watanabe received the JSAI Annual Conference Award at The 36th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence held on June 14-17, 2022. (Jul 27th,2022).
Fourteen students gave presentations at The 36th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence held at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan. (Jun 14-17, 2022).
Six students joined our lab. (Apr 1st, 2022).

Our Works


A Framework PRINTEPS to Develop Practical Artificial Intelligence
Correspondence and Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Brain Science
Restructuring human sciences based on decoding of emotional information
Adaptive Probabilistic Robotics through Statistical Motion Analysis and Kinematics (2018-2020).
Deeping Brain Decoding Technology and Development of its Application based on Understanding the Mechanism of Dealing with Multimodal Information in the Brain (2017-2019).