Ichiro Kobayashi

AffiliationFaculty of Core Research Natural Science Division
FacultyDept. of Information Sciences (B)
Computer Science Course (M)
Division of Computer Science (D)
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Dr. Ichiro Kobayashi is a Professor in the Department of Information Sciences at Ochanomizu University. He has been studying for more than 30 years in the areas of Information Sciences, especially Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Research Interests / Areas

Linguistic information processing, intelligent information processing, verbalization, decoding of brain information, latent semantic analysis, text processing, robotics.

Research Contents

I am interested in using artificial intelligence and language information processing techniques to make the target system more intelligent. In addition, I am actively developing methods to explain time-series data in words and methods to decode information in the brain. In the field of natural language processing, we are conducting latent semantic analysis of documents, and based on this information, we are conducting research on multiple document summarization, document classification, and information retrieval. We are also studying robot control using evolutionary computation and reinforcement learning.

Research History

2023 – PresentVisiting Scholar
the Center for Information and Neural Networks
(CiNet) of the National Institute of Information and Communications
Technology (NICT)
2017 – PresentVisiting researcher
Artificial Intelligence Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2011 – PresentProfessor
Ochanomizu University
2003 – 2011Assistant Professor
Ochanomizu University
2007 – 2008Visiting Researcher
Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University
2007Visiting Researcher
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
2001 – 2005Visiting Researcher
Brain Research Center, RIKEN
1996 – 2003Associate Professor
Faculty of Economics, Hosei University
1995 – 1996Research Associate
Faculty of Economics, Hosei University

Committee Memberships

2017Conference Committee Chairman
The Conference on Special Interest Group for Researches 2017, Japan Society for Artificial Intelligence
2016 – 2017Board member
Japan Society for Artificial Intelligence
2002 – 2015Board member
Japan Association for Systemic Functional Linguistics

Invited Talks

  • Ichiro Kobayashi: “Towards an Understanding of Information Processing Mechanisms in the Human Brain”, The 24th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems(ISIS2023), 2023.
  • Ichiro Kobayashi: International Conference on Advanced Intelligent MAritime Safety and Technology (Ai-MAST) 2023
  • 小林一郎:「人工知能の知:機械学習を用いた脳内情報解読と脳機能解明へ向けた取り組み」.第40回脳神経外科コングレス総会の特別企画, 第40回脳神経外科コングレス総会の特別企画,2020.
  • 小林一郎:「機械学習手法を用いた脳内情報解読と脳機能解明に向けた取り組み」.認知神経心理学研究会,2019.
  • 小林一郎:”動向情報の言語化とその周辺−金融市場の動向を例にしてー”,統計数理研究所・キヤノングローバル戦略研究所共同開催「統数研共同研究集会「経済物理学とその周辺」H28年度第一回研究会」.キャノングローバル戦略研究所,2016.
  • Ichiro Kobayashi: “Text Processing with Topic Models”, Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems, Seoul, Korea, 2013.
  • 大西可奈子,小林一郎:Linked Dataを用いた着目対象像を捉える情報抽出,第2回ソーシャルコンピューティングシンポジウム,青山学院大学,2011.
  • Ichiro Kobayashi: The Introduction of the Framework for Everyday Language Computing, The 10th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems(ISIS2009), 2009.
  • Ichiro Kobayashi: Everyday Language Computing Project Overview, European Center for Soft Computing (ECSC), 2009.
  • Ichiro Kobayashi: Everyday Language Computing Project Overview, Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC) seminar, guest speaker, 2008.
  • 小林一郎,岩爪道昭,近未来チャレンジ卒業記念パネル「日常言語コンピューティング」,第20回人工知能学会全国大会,東京,2006.
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  • Ichiro Kobayashi and Michio Sugeno: Towards Everyday Language Computing–Computing from the Viewpoint of the Linguistic Theory–, In Proc.of the workshop: Breakthrough Opportunities for Fuzzy Theory, pp. 89–94, Tokyo Institute of Technology, (invited speaker), 1996.


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